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cupping is a form of traditional medicine found in several cultures

Updated: Saturday, Sep 12,2009, 9:21:50 PM
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Set Fire Cupping Cupping or simply a form of traditional medicine in different cultures. These are glass, plastic, or bamboo cups on the skin. Cupping is also sometimes applied to stimulation of BDSM or pain.

This technology in various forms has been used in folk medicine in China, Vietnam, the Balkans, found much of Europe, modern Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Russia and Poland. In Poland, is Bake Bake (singular) and Iran called  Baaed-mesh, meaning  drawing in the air.   Cupping is often used as folk medicine of Eastern European Jewish, Yiddish name(Bank). At the end of the 20th century, cupping a second wind as an alternative treatment for a variety of diseases of livestock. In England, Dr.
William Mars den, founder of the Royal Mars den Hospital, working very hard to face Free Hospital in Grays Inn Road, during the 1830s.

Cupping in Europe and the Middle East increased humeral medicine, the faith of the ancient Greeks, temperament and health said the balance or imbalance of the four  juice  in relation to the body: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile . This system has been adopted by most of Old Europe and Middle Eastern cultures. Economy hot cups to support the body, blood, removing excess blood and the body back to health claims. Humeral medicine is a brief resurgence of European medicine of the 18th and the 19th century, and cupping commonly used in practice.
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping is a method of applying acupressure by creating a gap in the patient's skin.
The treatment is used to relieve what is called  stagnation  in TCM, and is used to treat respiratory ailments such as colds, pneumonia and bronchitis. Cupping is also used to treat, behind the neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal pain. Proponents argue that it has other applications.  Method air gap heated by a fire in a glass color is the patient's skin. As the air cools in the cup, a vacuum that pulls the skin, promote the effect of acupressure.
 The cups are approximately bell shaped, with a capacity of approximately 4 ounces of liquid. The 8 to 12 glasses applied to the back of the issue in two parallel 'vertical' columns, midway between the column and each side; Cups in each column, four inches beyond the center of the cup placed measured. 
1. You can swab isopropanol (min. 90%) in the bottom of a cup, then light the bowl and away from the skin. The seal is created to stop the fire in the oxygen supply, preventing a person from burning. The lower the amount of alcohol, and faster than the flame is extinguished by the application of the cup, the better, since there is no danger of falling deposits in the absence of a proper seal. Some experienced tasters prefer to use kerosene on alcohol, saying it has better power and therefore greater suction power.

 2. You can keep the bowl upside down in a flame (eg a lit candle), heating in air, then the cup with the skin. It should not be taken to heat the same glass. However, the person will take place in the Cup has reflected more heat than the previous procedure to feel.

3. You can call with an alcohol swab small rest in a small pad of leather or other insulating material which lies just above the patient's skin to light, then remove the bowl directly over the flames of fire. The speed at which the flame is extinguished depends on the size and shape of the cup.

4. You can place the cup on the skin and gently heat to break down the bowl with a flame heated air inside, while a small difference, both in the air. When air is heated sufficiently, the gap is closed and the cooling air.

Methods 1 and 2 crystal heat to some extent, and increased risk of burning the patient, if not used carefully. Method 3 risk of falling insulation pad of cotton on the patient's skin, leaving the cotton pad and under the cup, which can be cumbersome.
Baby massage oil on the skin before treatment, a better fit of foreclosure, which allows the use of this therapy with less heating of the cup. It is often possible to move the cup attached to the skin, keeping the suction mark slips. Care should be taken not to move the cup on protruding moles, skin scars, scabs, etc.

The longer a cup is on the left side, which created more of a circular mark. The resources of the skin is broken, and the patient may experience a sensation like sunburn. Applications for about 20 minutes is way back, but this depends on the person. In any case, the glasses will stay when the subject reports obvious discomfort.
Excavation is possible in the home. Sold in Asia, contains a series of plastic (instead of glass), cups of different sizes. The main difference is the large rotary knob that protrudes from the top, which rotates to increase or decrease the suction (this prevents users from having to use the problem with alcohol and fire to go).

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