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Menopause nursed back to eight law

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 3:05:37 PM
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Adhere to the morning exercise

The morning after the physical exercise can make a day energy, to alleviate menopause often a sense of sleepiness.

Warm water footbath

Daily with warm water to soak the feet and clean the genitals, gonads of menopause can alleviate the effects of recession.

Food bogey cold

Just because the cold food is not digestible, especially in the menopause also affect menopause, Hua Jing activities in the areas of the body.

Ji lower body cooling

Menopause, both men and women, footwear and pants should wear warm some, in order to protect the perineum, to the role of menopause can alleviate the gonad recession.

The law of life

The law of life of people of different ages is very important to the menopause who is all the more necessary, because of menopause, endocrine and systemic body linked to a number of changes, if not the law of life, the environment of the body, much less stable, so , menopause or who must be the law of life.

Regular outings

Sightseeing excursions, or go out on a regular basis, because the breath of life, of nature on the human body has a great influence on physical and mental health. In particular, menopause is a person who regularly go to the nature of contact with mountains and rivers of the Aura, you can always keep people relaxed and happy, is extremely beneficial to the health of the menopause.

Do not arbitrarily change the living environment

In the menopause, whether men and women, it is best not to arbitrarily change the living environment or the working environment. We already know that menopause from the body to the character are in place in a phased change. If the sudden change in their living environment or work environment that's just the changing of the body and personality would be difficult to adapt to more seriously, but also directly harm the physical and mental health.

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