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Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 13,2010, 2:42:16 PM
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As the HIV / AIDS prevention intervention research support (DHAP, the IRS Section) provides national leadership and HIV prevention research and development, implementation support and evidence-based HIV prevention services by, or in risk assessment programs, HIV infection. Constitute the five branches of DHAP, the IRS is as follows:


      Branch development of prevention programs, planning, implementation, management and HIV with state and local health departments, community-based prevention strategies and resources to organizations and other civil society organizations. In addition to these comprehensive public health and private sector partners, implementation and monitoring of branch programs, policies, and efforts to prevent HIV / AIDS support activities.

      Capacity-building Branch works to enhance and maintain the territory of the United States and its HIV prevention capacity of the working population and Cooperation. Is it by the branch to ensure that science-based and culturally appropriate capacity-building assistance, including technical assistance, training, information and technology transfer.

      Evaluation Office of the effectiveness of the program evaluation, cost, and HIV prevention interventions, strategies, policies, and programs for the improvement and accountability; development and evaluation of methods and systems, as well as a resource evaluation of capacity-building services .

      Technical Information and Communications Branch development, production and dissemination of scientific, statistical, visualization, and on HIV / AIDS technical exchanges for the public and private providers, the risks, and the general public. The development of key projects including publications, satellite broadcasting, public awareness campaigns, national conferences, websites, exhibitions and information on HIV prevention, disease prevention and control centers, information.

      Research Unit for the Prevention of behavioral and operational research, development, testing and integration of sustainable interventions to prevent HIV transmission.


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