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Clinical manifestations of cough in children

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 21,2009, 2:46:50 PM
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Clinical manifestations of cough in children

     Because of cough itself is a symptom, according to TCM, is divided into two types of exogenous cough cough and internal injuries.
     1. Exogenous cough is a cold person, the main disease cough, sputum Qingxi, stuffy nose Chui-ching, head and body aches, aversion to cold without fever or fever, no sweat, mouth thirsty, thin white fur, pulse floating tight. Who is a wind-heat, the main disease cough, thick yellow sputum, expectoration poor, fever evil wind, sweating, nasal flow of turbid tears, dry throat, pain or itching, thirst they want to drink too dry, yellow urine red, tongue quality of red, moss thin yellow, floating pulse number.
     2. Internal injuries unhealed chronic cough cough, phlegm or dry cough without disease, or less sputum, or sputum thick hard cough, pale limbs due to temperature, shortness of breath, sweating, chest tightness, torpid intake, body weight loss, Shenpi fatigue, moss Bai Ni, pulse small, or breakdown.

Diagnosis and identification of children with cough

     According to children with cough arising from the diagnosis of this permit is not difficult.
     In addition to cough, the chest auscultation, breath sounds can be heard, and rough or dry, wet rales, laboratory examination, blood leukocytes and neutrophils can be increased. Chest X-ray, visible lung markings slightly thicker, or pulmonary inflammation shadows.

Treatment of pediatric cough

     1. Treatment of the principles of exogenous cold cough who rule to be cold-dispelling solution table, Xuanfei cough. Exogenous wind-heat cough who rule the proposed solution heat table, Su-lung cough. Internal injuries cough who rule intended to spleen Yangfeihuoxue, relieving cough and phlegm.
     2. Commonly used acupoints lung, internal gossip, milk beside the milk roots, Shanzhong, Feishu, Pishu, Zusanli and other points.
     3. Common tactics to push method, rubbing method, Anrou law, pinch method, taking law.
     4. How
     (1) basic operations: the face of children first in the head and face as common practice means that the open-door days of 30 times, separately yin and yang, 30 times, kneading the sun 30 times; then pushed in the chest part of the Shanzhong 100 times, rubbing milk next to the root of all milk 30 times; re-hand gossip delivered in 200 times, clearing the lungs by 300 times, Bufei by 500 times; last Anrou both lower extremities, respectively, and Zusanli Leong, Mei Xue 1 minute each.
     Prone in the treatment of children with bed or doctors sitting on the back of the face of children, respectively, and double that Anrou throttle hole rubbing Feishu, Mei Xue 1 minute; points to push the shoulder swelling and bone 100 times, with children back rub method Yu Shi Yu Point, to the degree of heat.
     (2) With the card subtraction: exogenous cold cough persons, plus rubbing labor Palace 30 times, onto the three-level 300 times, take Hegu 5 ~ 10 times, take the wind pool 10 times; exogenous wind-heat cough persons, plus Qingfei After 500 times, withdrew Six Hollow Organs 500 times, pushing Tianzhu bone 100 times; internal injuries were coughing, Canada Spleen by 500 times, 300 times by the kidney, and rubbed in the hospital 200 times, and rubbed my pubic region 2 minutes, then Anrou spleen, stomach Yu, Shenshu, Mei Xue 1 minute each.

Self-care pediatric cough
     1. Cough was originally a symptom, it is timely to identify the causes of cough in order to timely and correct symptomatic treatment.
     2. Ill, you should pay due attention to rest, light and easy to digest food to the principle of prohibition ban salty spicy food stimulation.
     3. Thoracoabdominal keep warm. In particular, changes in the solar terms must mindful.

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