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acupuncture points:Yanglingquan

Updated: Thursday, Mar 26,2009, 9:51:58 AM
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Significant Points of the Gall-bladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang


Yang, Yang of Yin-Yang; ling, mound; quan, spring.
The exterior is Yang. The head of the fibula at the lateral aspect of the knee is prominent as a mound, below which in the depression the point is located, like a spring.

in the depression anterior and inferior to the head of the fibual.
1. hepatitis, choldcystits, cholelithisis (cholecyslolithiasis), ascariasis of the gallbladder.
2. migraine, pain in the hypochondriae and costal region, sciatic neuralgia.
3. convulsion, paralysis.
4. pain in the knee joint and local pain.

perpendicularly 1-1.5 cun

He-Sea Point, A point related to the functions of tendons. Main point for gallbladder.

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