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Significant Points of the Kidney Channel of Foot-Shaoyin:Yin

Updated: Thursday, Mar 26,2009, 11:35:29 AM
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Significant Points of the Kidney Channel of Foot-Shaoyin



Yin, Yin of Yin-Yang; gu, valley.
The interior is Yin. The point is at the medial side of the knee joint; the local depression is like a valley.


(knee bent) on the medial side of the popliteal fossa, between the tendons of m.semitendinosus and m. semimenbranosus.


urinary retention, urinary tract infection, impotence, seminal emission, menorrhagia, pain of the medial of the knee joint.


perpendicularly 0.6-1 cun


He-Sea Point

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