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Pediatric pneumonia the family health care

Updated: Thursday, Dec 17,2009, 3:17:57 PM
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Pneumonia is a common disease of the respiratory system in children, in addition to medical treatment, home care on the prognosis of the disease also plays a vital role. So how should parents of children with medical treatment do nursing work?
Pneumonia in children families with health care

(1) to keep quiet, clean environment to ensure that sick children a break. Work, common to the children's side is always surrounded by a lot of older relatives and friends, so many people on the one hand due to noise is not conducive to children with a break at the same time many people, including the accumulation of exhaled carbon dioxide, dirty air is not conducive to pneumonia rehabilitation. Therefore, the indoor workers not too much, visiting those who do not stay too long, indoor ventilation should always regularly, so that air circulation, but it should avoid the draft is conducive to pneumonia recovery.

(2) Care should be reasonable and adequate nutrition and supplementary water. Children with pneumonia often have fever, poor appetite, unwilling to eat, so restaurants should light, digestible, while guaranteeing a certain degree of quality protein. Accompanied by fever were given liquid diet (such as human milk, milk, rice soup, egg soup, beef soup, vegetable soup, fruit juice, etc.), fever may be added after the semi-liquid foods (such as rice porridge, noodles, cakes, like the food ), because children breathe more frequently pneumonia and fever, the moisture evaporation than usual, it is necessary to add the right amount of sugar, salt.

(3) to strengthen the skin and oral care, in particular the number of patients have to sweat the timely replacement of wet clothes and dried with hot towel to sweat, which is good for the skin cooling, and resistance to pathogens. On the sputum of the sick child should be allowed to expectorate sputum, sputum discharge to prevent the poor affected by pneumonia recovery. The extent permitted by the condition, parents should always be to pick up the children, gently tapping the back, stand up bedridden children to be ground, so that will help prevent lung congestion, but also make mucus easier to cough to help rehabilitation.

(4) to maintain airway patency, pediatric pneumonia, the alveolar gas exchange is limited, the body have different degrees of hypoxia. If the nasal obstruction, or trachea, bronchi, there are a large number of sputum, will affect the air inhaled, increasing hypoxia. Therefore, parents should be cleared in time for the children with nasal secretions, and suction to maintain airway patency, and to prevent clogging and sticky sputum milk, drug choke into the cause suffocation. Interior to maintain a certain degree of humidity, to avoid air-drying is conducive to cough up sputum.

(5), regular medication, injections, so as not to affect treatment. As the disease and poor children, especially in small infants illness will likely happen again, when the parents found that children with fast breathing, difficulty breathing, blue lips around the fat, pale or cyanosis, the shows have been children with hypoxia, in order to increase the performance of disease, need to save as soon as possible.

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