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about Cancer prevention

Updated: Thursday, Jan 28,2010, 6:41:46 PM
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Prevention of cancer, should pay attention to following items:

1, non-smokers (medical workers, teachers take the lead in non-smokers, not smoking in public places), eat less salt, nutritional balance, regular exercise.

3, no smoking, no alcohol, eat more fresh yellow-green vegetables and fruits (300-500 grams per person per day), low salt (5-10 g per person per day), diet is anti-everyone can do carcinoma of measures.

4, prevention of lung cancer, please group of smoking, passive smoking more dangerous.

5, to improve the prestige of ventilation, prevention of lung cancer.

6,45-smoking men over the age of adulthood, and coughing blood for medical treatment should be as soon as possible.

7, eat smoked, saltpetre, salt, bubble, deep-fried and over-ironing, salty, excellent food, eat more fresh vegetables can prevent gastrointestinal cancer.

8, moderate consumption of protein, fat foods, eat more fresh vegetables can prevent gastrointestinal cancer.

9, stomach pain laws, the nature of change, recurring melena, positive occult blood, should take the initiative to seek medical treatment.

10, women insist on a monthly breast self-examination may be early detection of breast cancer.

11, breast self-examination once a month, persist in life, there must be benefits, found that mass, and timely medical care, early treatment can be cured.

12, fat intake too much, easily lead to breast cancer, colon cancer.

13, change in bowel habits, deformation, there is mucus, blood treatment continued for two weeks should take the initiative.

14, control of hepatitis, prevention of liver cancer.

15, hepatitis B surface antigen positive or who suffer from Hepatitis B anger five years or more. Every 4-6 months should take the initiative to accept AFP and B-monitoring.

16, adult women, should insist on doing once every 3-5 years, anti-cancer gynecological examination.

17, strengthen labor protection, the prevention of occupational tumors.

18, right on a regular basis with the anti-tumor patients are conducive to focused rehabilitation guidance, conducive to the timely detection of recurrence, and early treatment.

To do that matters, to prevent and reduce the incidence of cancer.

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