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How to care for acute suppurative otitis media

Updated: Friday, Jan 22,2010, 1:34:56 PM
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Disease is caused by the pathogens of acute purulent infection, often occurs in the last flu or tonsillitis, with its children and infants and young children for me see. Children with symptoms such as earache and hearing loss, tympanic membrane perforation of the ear canal after the earache, but instead reduce the pus appears. Infant and child patients often accompanied by high fever, crying, anxiety and loss of appetite and other systemic symptoms.

Once suspected, and children suffering from this disease should be promptly go to the hospital for treatment without delay. Care was prescribed antibiotics, inter alia, if the tympanic membrane perforation has not yet, you can use 1% of the phenol glycerin ear drops; eardrum has been perforated by, then try to clean the middle ear empyema, 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used repeatedly washed. Washing method: each time suffering from ear drops to 5-10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, see the white foam about 2 minutes so that affected ear down, poured syrup, repeated a few times Shi Jing external auditory canal, and then trickle down 0.5% chlorine ADM Ear Drops 3-5 drops, and press the tragus a few times so that the Ministry of liquid through the hole into the middle ear, sleep should be so affected ear down, to facilitate the smooth discharge pus.

Pus after the cessation of the need to continue medication for about a week to prevent recurrence.

When fully recovered, in addition to aggressive prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, blowing your nose method has to be right, can not be blowing his nose at the same time those of both sides of the nose to prevent the bacterial infection to the middle ear through the eustachian tube retrograde.

Of breast-feeding babies, we must cultivate the proper feeding habits, breast-feeding must be inclined hold babies; rubber hose suction mouth should not be too many holes to prevent the emulsion into the middle ear caused by bacterial infection choking.

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