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Acute pulpitis

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2010, 11:05:19 PM
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1, severe spontaneous pain, paroxysmal episodes, the event of cold, heat stimulation and increased night-time pain, the pain is diffuse, we can not clear that the teeth.

2, teeth with deep cavities or close to the marrow, dental pulp of non-caries or defects of wearing or deep periodontal pocket.

3, the temperature test may cause pain or increased pain.

Fourth, when the late purulent pulsatile rebound tenderness, heat so that the pain intensified, the cold so that pain relief, knocking pain (10).

[Treatment of points]

First, open pulp under anesthesia, the placement of non-irritating painkillers cotton, open drainage or closed inactivation agent.

2, if necessary, to give anti-inflammatory painkillers.

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