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high degree of myopia people should pay attention to what issues

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 17,2009, 2:23:01 PM
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Another feature of high myopia course conducted significant progress in developmental stages, adults still did not stop. This is mainly decided by the genetic solid elements, but the day after tomorrow the visual environment, nature of work, living habits, general health, nutritional status also play a role, therefore, should pay more attention than others, visual health, enhance physical fitness, prevention of vitamin A,a calcium the occurrence of deficiency and malnutrition.

A series of high myopia associated with degenerative eye disease, and prone to serious complications and endanger eyesight. A high degree of myopia ball longer, the rear weak sclera, retina, choroidal atrophy, vitreous degeneration. Under the external force or vitreous traction, the degeneration of the retina easy to form a hole, and then develop into a retinal detachment, therefore, a high degree of myopia should pay special attention to avoid the violent shocks and hit his head, reducing the possibility of retinal detachment in the event of flash and feels like aura , a timely check. In addition, the macular degeneration is also a serious threat to central vision may also occur in high myopia retinal hemorrhage, glaucoma, cataract, etc., should be a timely examination and treatment.

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