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How to treat complications of trachoma

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 13,2010, 4:02:01 PM
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Trachoma is caused by a microscopic pathogenic micro-organisms - caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. Dajiaduzhi eyes traced the upper and lower eyelids, the same as the two able to open the door can be closed, protecting the eyes of medicine known as eyelid. Inside is a layer of smooth soft eyelid membrane called the conjunctiva, the conjunctiva is the birthplace of trachoma. Trachoma early lesions can occur in the upper and lower palpebral conjunctiva surface, the exterior angle at the junction of the eye and eyelid, and part of that Qionglong Bu, serious affect all conjunctivas expressed as congestive heart, blood vessels vague, there are rough and size of the nipple is not such as muddy follicles.

Patients may consciously eye itching, burning, grinding of the panic, tears and other symptoms. The infectious period of large, should pay attention to isolation. Trachoma of eyes, what harm? C. trachomatis In addition to violations of the conjunctiva, but also frequently violated the cornea, so that a lot of new blood vessels on the cornea, affecting vision, or even cause ulcers.

Trachoma to the late starting to bear scar on the skin lesions, lesions with these activities exist, but tend to gradually recover, this will still be infectious, but less active and smaller. Knot after scar on the skin complications and complications include:

1, knot scar on the skin, due to the contraction of scar tissue, can cause severe varus and trichiasis of eyelid, inner inverted eyelashes like a small brush, like the regular friction between the cornea, the patient can have significant foreign body sensation, and even stabbed the cornea affect vision .

2, due to C. trachomatis result of violations of the cornea may be stretching a large number of new blood vessels within the corneal tissue, combined with upper eyelid and trichiasis stimulation, can cause corneal ulcers and, if they suffer from other bacteria such as secondary infection , ulcers will be rapidly expanded, even lead to perforation, which seriously affect the vision.

3, conjunctiva scar on the skin after the Ministry of the whole guitar, so that the payment of the lacrimal gland tear secretion destruction of lacrimal gland excretory duct opening latch, so that the eye's surface can not be incurred tear wet eyes dry, and even lead to corneal opacity eye.

4, Chlamydia also can cause dacryocystitis, so big eyes often discharging, threatening the security of the eye.

In short, the outcome of trachoma is terrible, but as long as we pay attention to it, early diagnosis, early treatment can be cured. Trachoma Trachoma is a contagious disease prevention, and its main mode of transmission is through contagious, and C. trachomatis exists in the secretions were secretions contaminated hands, towels, basins, handkerchiefs and so on can cause infection. Should always pay attention to personal hygiene, wash their hands touch eyes finished, do not touch other places, in particular, to promote flow of water, wash their hands, to promote a person a towel, towels, do not hang in the same ropes, disinfected towels twice a week. Do not hand Rouyan, in the collective units and service sectors to strengthen health management, as long as ideologically attached great importance to, Chlamydia is able to be prevented.

Trachoma early medical treatment as long as well, it can be cured. Early Trachoma is primarily to enhance local point drugs are commonly used sulfa eye drops, eye drops such as rifampicin, 4 to 6 times a day drops at night before going to sleep can be painted some eye ointment, a serious line with the surgery. Advanced trachoma, is mainly directed against complications, most patients needed surgery. Trachoma is a chronic eye disease, need to insist on some medicine, or else not only fail to cure trachoma, but may be C. trachomatis resistance.

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