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Acute conjunctivitis

Updated: Thursday, Jan 07,2010, 2:44:36 PM
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The disease is conjunctival hyperemia, there is discharge, and there is an acute highly contagious eye disease. Occur in the spring and summer, at which time the temperature high, easy to breed bacteria. Often both eyes simultaneously or successively the disease themselves as having the sensitivity to light in tears. Overheated feeling kind of pain, this more with conjunctival inflammation stimulate the trigeminal nerve endings caused by the symptoms of two adhesive eyelashes due to secretions, often in the early morning could not open eyes eyes, there are eyelid edema, caused by want to open eyes could not afford. Sometimes, due to discharge more, blocking the cornea, often only temporary, as the paste, blink eye sight can be restored. The disease usually does not affect the eyesight, if the invasion and corneal disease may have different degrees of vision loss. Children may have pseudomembranous conjunctivas the surface and easy to wipe, there is oozing.

    Common causes of this disease is caused due to bacteria such as pneumococcus. Section - Merriam-Webster. Staphylococci, etc.; may also be caused by viruses, such as small ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses. Adeno virus.

    Diagnosis of the disease, often marked conjunctival hyperemia, and there is discharge of diagnosis. Bacterial conjunctivitis, mostly mucopurulent discharge, conjunctival smears can be found in polymorphonuclear leukocytes, often without involving the cornea, severe cases can cause corneal marginal infiltration; viral conjunctivitis, if caused by RNA viruses, subconjunctival often a bit or flake-like bleeding, it is also known as epidemic of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis; adenovirus infection conjunctivitis, often accompanied by punctate corneal infiltration, the conjunctival smears, mostly monocytes.

    Western medicine treatment of this disease, bacterial acute conjunctivitis, often with antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment topical therapy class, accompanied by systemic symptoms, plus use of oral antimicrobial anti-inflammatory drugs; viral acute conjunctivitis, in addition to using anti-viral drugs things, often with antibiotic drugs to prevent secondary infection. Of the virus compared with treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis worse. Because of this disease transmitted through secretions in order to prevent widespread, we must do a good job isolating disinfection. Never wrap the disease.

    The TCM are "days OK Red Eye" category. "Head by Dacheng" There goes: OK Red days of the evil eye from the epidemic of TB infection hair, one's from, where one among the young and old Jieke affected the hair. The disease mostly controlled by exogenous wind-heat.-Induced lung and stomach heat and fat accumulation, this disease should be identified in the heat or hot air re-emphasis on the wind or wind-heat seriously ill, to dialectical cubic medication. In the clinical nor the disease are among the hot-permits, and they have to be cold caused by the flu. Therefore, should be identified in clinical chills and fever, cold temperature applications were dispersed, while those with Xinliang hot heat. If involving black eyes, should be added back shade Qinggan eyesight drug, if white-eye haemorrhagic, then add cooling blood to stop bleeding of the goods, but the white-eye haemorrhagic controlled, will be accompanied by promoting blood circulation silt cured medicine. Was added at the same time, oral administration of smoked outside medicine better.

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