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The fart number and physical health what relationship?

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 15,2011, 5:10:19 PM
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If not fart fart disorders or a long time, will affect the metabolism, prone to bloating and gastrointestinal diseases, may also lead to face acne and freckles, skin dry, rough and other issues.

If fart too many times greater than normal, there may be indigestion, gastritis, enteritis, gastrointestinal motility disorders and other diseases. Fart too much reason may be that too much intake of starch, protein, and spicy food (such as beans, potatoes, eggs, a lot of milk, garlic, onions and leeks, etc.), or eating too fast caused by the habit of swallowing too much may also be because more air leading to frequent intake of fart, but these are not sick, and need treatment, only to be prompted to adjust eating habits. Eat smaller meals in the diet is recommended that you do not eat too much, eat, should eat slowly, avoid eating too much with the air, and gas production of food should be easy to avoid eating. Cup of yogurt a day can help to change the gastrointestinal bacteria.

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