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Reflux esophagitis clinical manifestations

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 22,2009, 9:00:55 AM
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(A) retrosternal burning sensation or pain: The main symptoms of this disease. More symptoms of eating occurred after 1 hour, semi-supine, the body flexion or strenuous exercise can induce, in the service after more than antacids may disappear, and the overheated, over-acid and food to enable them to increase. Lack of gastric acid, and mainly by the burning sensation caused by bile reflux, then served the effect of antacids could not. The severity of the burning sensation is not necessarily consistent with the severity of disease. Severe esophagitis, especially in scar formation may no or only a slight burning sensation.

 (B) stomach, esophageal reflux: in each meal, body flexion or lying in bed at night to sleep, it is acidic liquids or food from the stomach, esophageal reflux and pharyngeal or oral. The symptoms in the retrosternal burning sensation or burning pain there before.

 (C) difficult to swallow: the early stage can often cause secondary esophagitis esophageal spasm and dysphagia occur intermittently. The latter may be due to the formation of esophageal stricture scar, burning sensation and burning pain to gradually reduce and be replaced by permanent dysphagia, eating solid food may cause blockage in the Xiphoid Department flu or pain.

 (D) bleeding and anemia: severe esophagitis may occur due to bleeding esophageal mucosal erosion, and more chronic bleeding. Long-term or heavy bleeding can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

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