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IgA nephropathy treatment

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 2:28:52 PM
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IgA nephropathy more with the early symptoms of nephritis or nephrotic syndrome is similar, and only after doing renal biopsy confirmed whether IgA nephropathy. When patients are diagnosed as IgA nephropathy, once the clinical need hospital treatment. IgA nephropathy occurs according to the "proteinuria, hematuria," symptoms and immune complex deposition injury pathology, clinical medical practitioners mainly hormones and cytotoxic drugs mainly the same time with the anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant treatment.

That application of hormones, the specific role of triptolide and cyclophosphamide do? The impact of a large number of hormones are the most commonly used method, the larger dose of hormone is mainly to suppress the B lymphocytes produce antibodies, and to promote the catabolism of antibodies, inhibit antigen-antibody reaction; application of cyclophosphamide and other cytotoxic drugs, primarily inhibit DNA replication , but also a major role in B lymphocytes, suppress immunoglobulin production, antibody levels decline. Correspondingly inhibit T lymphocytes, in the interference-induced release of inflammatory mediators.

Clinical data show that this is only a simple treatment based on Western medicine and regulation of the immune response, protein, occult blood, high blood pressure to achieve better results, but this is only a temporary suppression of complications. After a cold or infection, etc. If you are experiencing unfavorable external objective factors, the variety of symptoms will recur. Appears, had to re-treatment, repeated increasing doses of hormones, rotating the use of triptolide, cyclophosphamide, and is currently the most "popular" and MMF.

IgA nephropathy treatment of repeated disunion's the reason?

IgA nephropathy has been for almost 40 years of clinical knowledge, with the continuous deepening of the study, people's understanding of IgA nephropathy obvious changes have taken place, in particular the progress of genetic research genetics, no longer IgA nephropathy as a separate disease entity treat disease clinical disease type and progression rate of pathological or complicated, is more the result of genetic factors. Renal biopsy indicates a poor prognosis factors: There are glomerular sclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, glomerular capillaries have been violated, diffuse hyperplasia and diffuse crescent formation.

In the pathological analysis, IgA nephropathy is mainly IgA antibodies or immune complexes deposited in glomeruli mesangial area, leading to mesangial cell damage, causing a series of inflammatory response. A large number of mesangial cell proliferation or shrink, resulting in microcirculatory disturbances, leading to ischemia and hypoxia. Due to ischemia and hypoxia lead to a large number of renal capillary endothelial cells, epithelial cells, renal interstitial fibroblast cell damage and phenotypic change occurs, the formation of renal fibrosis; due to damaged endothelial cells or epithelial cells and basement membrane Ershi Charge barrier function changes, leading to a large number of protein and red blood cell leakage, the formation of proteinuria, hematuria.

Know from the above discussion, kidney disease leakage of urine protein and red blood cells, mainly due to damage caused by the glomerular filtration membrane permeability increases. At present, if only applied hormones, triptolide, cyclophosphamide and so on in order to inhibit IgA-based production of antibodies and immune globulin, which can only be treated for primary disease; can not be removed has been deposited IgA receptor and immune complexes objects, can not improve the renal ischemia and hypoxia conditions, we can not complete the treatment and eliminate mesangial cell damage caused by a series of reactions, more is not an effective repair of glomerular filtration membrane, to resume its normal filtration function. It can be seen, the application hormones, triptolide, or cyclophosphamide is due to various types of receptors 1:00 restrain the emergence of 1:00 control the "inflammatory" response and progress of the damage, leaving urine protein, occult blood in a period of time to reduce or even disappear . But its most fundamental cause is not resolved, after the disappearance of drug effects, or induced by certain reasons, urine protein and occult blood can not help it stage a comeback? It's like people say, "Young Tom just boiling," as soon as the fire to increase or "Young Tom" the intensity is not enough, the water will boil again.

IgA nephropathy treatment to cure

The complexity of the disease is much better than "the fire boils water" process. Thus, in the early disease, patients with an emergency situation, shall be promptly, "Yang Tang just boiling," while carrying out "backing off" (ie treating the symptoms). This can easily lead to diseases, a fundamental treatment. If the "Young Tom just boiling" is no longer time, it must be increased as soon as possible "drastic measures", in conjunction with a "Young Tom just boiling," two-pronged approach.

Application of hormones, triptolide, cyclophosphamide and so on, can be self-evident to say that they have a very good, "Yang Tang just boiling" effect, a very good early in the disease can really control the disease progresses, and even allow some patients in the Early "The fire did not wang" in case of cure. Therefore, not only can not ignore the role of these drugs, but also should be accurate and reasonably applied.

Through many years of clinical validation, blocking kidney fiber theory to the "drastic" treatment based on IgA nephropathy. The hospital has successfully opened up a kidney in order to block kidney fibrosis in the guidance of the theory of "micro-blocking renal fibrosis, infiltration of traditional Chinese medicine therapy." And widely used in clinical and achieved good results.

Micro-based traditional Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy handling of the "index" vasodilator, expansion at all levels of renal artery, directly improve the renal lesions in ischemic and hypoxic status of various types of cells to continue to reduce the renal injury caused by ischemia and hypoxia due to resume damage cell function. At the same time micro-active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can also be released during the inflammatory response to all types of "induced cytotoxic factor" activity to inactivate. Dual-channel effectively block the kidney cells of the "chain" type injury. This is not like "hormones, triptolide, cyclophosphamide" and simply "control" role, leaving the treatment transformed into the nature of the "eliminated."

At the same time micro-based medicine also played a role in immune regulation two-way, this is "medicine" unique role. Adjust the "self-regulatory function of immune function," to make it back to normal as possible is no longer susceptible to "induced causes" harassment. Immune complex deposition receptor and led to the direct cause of the disease, micro-based traditional Chinese medicine with a special "Clear" role, so that these "substances" from the mesangial area, and expel kidney. In this connection, each can be seen in patients receiving treatment in their own urine will have a "floc" tilting the emergence of these "floc" tilting is deposited in the Department of membrane receptors, immune complexes, or necrosis. Hormones, triptolide, cyclophosphamide and so can not effectively remove these substances.

Eliminated disease-causing immune receptors and immune complex, eliminating the inflammatory chain reaction inspired, thus cutting off the progression of the disease, as strains on the "kettle" at the end of the firewood. This coupled with Western help, more greatly speed up the recovery of the disease. Micro-based traditional Chinese medicine treatment can play a good repair role in promoting the repair of the basement membrane damage, so that no leakage of protein and blood cells.

The development of IgA nephropathy renal insufficiency or uremia stage, it is the outcome of the development of renal fibrosis. At this point, but also the need for timely blocking the development of renal fibrosis process, increase the "backing off" effort to prevent the kidney was replaced by scar tissue, and protect the remaining renal function.

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