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Healthy diet for patients with vitiligo

Updated: Monday, Dec 05,2011, 8:33:34 PM
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A healthy diet is a very popular topic, vitiligo patients have been required for a healthy diet. Notes for vitiligo diet is very clear understanding of the need, let us focus with a healthy diet for patients with vitiligo.

Utensils must pay attention to diet selection, copper ions required synthesis of pigment cells, vitiligo patient's diet should be added copper ions, can be used copper pots, copper cooking spoon, scoop rice, can also be appropriate to add 21 Jin He and other copper ion of health care products. In addition, patients should avoid skin trauma and injury, so as not to cause vitiligo.

For the choice of ingredients is also very important, fish, beef and mutton had no effect on the disease, not eat, will eat as long-term malnutrition, especially in children due to inadequate intake of protein and affect the normal development growth. Do not eat vegetables, meat and eggs of fish only have a partial eclipse habits of children, vitiligo diet diet ratio should be adjusted.

Children should pay attention to diet control, especially in obese children, obese children of excess fat, the diet should be proper control of vitiligo animal food intake. Clinical findings, long-term consumption of grilled chicken and more severe obesity of children, mostly children, and chickens may be due to in vivo analysis of residual growth hormone for children should be less.

About Vitiligo common sense to introduce you to so many, we must pay attention to healthy eating.

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