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Diabetes is a very common disease and is spread Worldwide

Updated: Friday, Aug 19,2011, 5:40:54 PM
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Diabetes is a very common disease and is spread Worldwide. Diabetes occurrence has increased gradually in the last few years. It is considered as one of the main reasons for deaths each year. This article contains all the diabetes information and the necessary precautions to manage and exterminate diabetes, totally.

Diabetes is actually a metabolic disorder in which the human body cannot generate or use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone, needed to convert starches, sugar, and all other food into energy. The constant high level of blood glucose is what we call as diabetes. The hormones glucagons and insulin maintain the blood glucose level at a very narrow range. The hormone glucagon helps liver in releasing glucose into the blood from lever cells.
Diabetes is categorized in three categories--

➢    Diabetes type 1
➢    Diabetes type 2
➢    Gestational diabetes

Diabetes of Type 1 and Type 2 obstruct a person’s life. When the glucose breakdown is stopped, our body uses proteins and fats to produce the energy. Because of this mechanism, symptoms like polyuria, polydipsia, polyphegia, and unnecessary weight loss can be noticed in a diabetes patient. 70 mg/dl -110 mg/dl is the desired value of blood sugar at the fasting state. If the body blood sugar level is less than 70 mg/dl, the patient is suffering from hypoglycemia and if it is more than 110 mg/dl, it is hyperglycemia.

Diabetes is the chief reason for end-stage renal ailment, adult blindness, amputations, and gangrene. Obesity, hereditary, lack of exercise, and stress may increase the possibility of diabetes. If the blood sugar level is continually high, it may lead to kidney failure, cardiovascular troubles, and neuropathy. The diabetic person is four times more prone to stroke and coronary heart disease. The Gestational diabetes is very precarious for pregnant women and their fetus.

➢    Diabetes is not absolutely curable, but, it can be controlled to much extent. One must be thoroughly aware of the diabetes fact to control it. Good diet, exercise, and proper medication are the three most effective measures to control the diabetes.
 Advanced diabetes researches have led to superior ways to control diabetes and curing its impediments. They include-

➢    Implantable and external insulin pumps have improved well to control raised blood sugars levels with no allergic reactions.
➢    Oral hypoglycemic medicine is very useful to control diabetes of type 2
➢    Innovative blood glucose monitor
➢    Availability of the effectual medication for body organs affected due to diabetes.

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