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Cervical cancer, what is it?

Updated: Friday, Aug 19,2011, 5:39:46 PM
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The symptoms of cervical cancer are often overlooked because they are similar to the symptoms of many other disorders. Numerous women pass off these symptoms as pre menstrual disorders or the ovulation pains. As a matter of fact, In many cases, Cervical cancer has no symptoms at all.

The symptoms usually are noticeable only in the advanced stage of cancer. These may vary from woman to woman.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms:

Irregular bleeding-- Women with cervical cancer may have irregular vaginal bleeding. The bleeding may be heavy or light.

Abnormal heavy discharge-- amplified vaginal discharge is also a warning sign of having cervical cancer. It may be stinking, thick, watery, or be full of mucus. It may differ from woman to woman. It is essential to report any abnormal vaginal discharge to your gynecologist.
Pelvic pain-- Pelvic pain, which is not linked with the normal menstrual cycle, could be a cervical cancer symptom. Lots of women depict them ranging from a dreary ache to acute pain that may last for hours. It can be serene or stern.

Pain during urination-- Pain while urinating or Bladder pain can be a warning sign of advanced cervical cancer. This symptom of cervical cancer is generally seen when the cancer has extended to the bladder.

What should you do if you notice the symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

If you notice the symptoms of cervical cancer, first of all, consult your doctor and explain your symptoms in details. Your detailed explanations of the symptoms will help your doctor to conclude how critical your problem is. Try going to a female gynecologists, so that you may be comfortable discussing your problems. Let your doctor know about all the medications you have used. Details such as how often you notice the symptoms and for how long you have had the symptoms are equally important.

Bleeding after sexual interaction, between normal menstrual periods, or pelvic test—
Bleeding after sexual intercourse, pelvic exam, douching, can be symptoms of cervical cancer. This is because of the irritation in the cervix due to these activities. A healthy cervix has less amount of bleeding; there may be many other reasons for bleeding after activities such as sex.

The symptoms of cervical cancer could be the symptoms of many other ailments too. If any such symptoms occur, you must go and see your doctor. Doctors may conduct a pelvic exam or any other physical tests to diagnose the exact problem.

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