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Irregular menstruation Syndrome differentiation and treatment

Updated: Thursday, Oct 15,2009, 3:24:43 PM
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Menstrual occurs 7 to 10 days earlier than usual menstrual period is early. If it takes 3 to 5 days earlier than usual or anterior accessory, it is unhealthy. The continuous emergence of the first pure menstrual considered pathological.  Early menstruation is often caused by heating and blood-Qi asthenic. Blood heat is strong thanks to the frequent predominance of yang or five emotional processing to fire because of the emotional climate extreme or excessive consumption of food or warm crisis external heat build up heat in the blood and the arteries and vessels leading to plant design flow Blood uncommon, can the frequent lack of yin or incontinence sexual or serious and long illness, the body consumes and distorts the liquid matrix caused, might result from the inability of the approval and design of ships. 
(1) period is about 7 days earlier than usual.

Supplied 2) The onset of menstruation through heavy periods can lead to inter menstrual metro and taxi.

(3) menstruation for more than 10 days earlier than usual, with vaginal bleeding should be distinguished from bleeding between periods.

(4) No organic changes in the basin located in the pelvic exam.

A delay of the rules means that menstruation occurs more than seven clays later than usual or occurs after 40 -50 days. However, it is sometimes delayed menstruation guarded than usual. Only delayed menstruation occurs for three consecutive times unhealthy.

A delay of the rules is a weakness and sthenic. The first is due to the consumption of blood after a prolonged illness or tradition or common weakness and Yang endogenous cold asthenic, and is cold because the cold exogenous and endogenous attacking internal injuries lead to stagnation in the cold produced in the channels and vessels; stagnation and or due to depression or stagnation of blood, Men tat Qi.
(1) Period occurred seven days later than it usually does not stop for three rounds.

(2) In addition to the diagnosis of pregnancy in women of reproductive age.

(3) With the exception of hemorrhagic disease, where rules with slight vaginal bleeding for half a month later than usual, accompanied by abdominal pain.

 Menstruation occurs about seven days earlier or later than usual to say the irregularities of the menstrual cycle, often depression, stagnation of liver Qi is the source or frequent kidney failure, lack of appropriate care, oh a long illness high rate, and excessive sexual activity, the Qi of kidney eat. Longer duration of illness, can lead to inter menstrual metro and taxi.

(1) Menstruation occurred seven days earlier or later than usual for three consecutive cycles.

(2) Term is not renewed and menstruation are not abundant. Care must be taken to distinguish a taxi in the middle of the river and groundwater.

Profuse menorrhagia means that the volume doubling time of menstruation or menstrual obviously increased by seven days.

Profuse menorrhagia usually failure of Qi, blood from the weakened, the collection of blood or the normal flow of heat, or weakness in the design of roads and control vessels caused.

(1) significantly increased menorrhagia, but not after a while.

(2) Severe menorrhagia usually appears at the beginning of menstruation or delayed menstruation.

(3) menorrhagia menorrhagia culminant very steady or irregular menstrual cycles showed bleeding and Metro Taxi.

A few ways that significantly reduce menorrhagia and the cycle of less than two days.

The cause of meager is similar to delay menstruation, and weakness and sthenic. Asthenic syndrome due to blood or constitutional impaired renal impairment leading to a shortage of petrol and blood, blood, weakness and lack of nutrients in the blood causes the uterus. Sthenic syndrome characterized by stagnation in the meridians of exogenous cold and vessels, or Qi stagnation and blurred the bloodstream, which blocked the road and the design of vessels and the uterus to prevent the occurrence of menorrhagia or a reserve of internal phlegm and dampness of the uterus more difficult and leads to a sparse collateral menorrhagia.

(1) menstrual cycle is normal, in fact, but menstruation is rare or even later.

(2) Cares must be taken to exclude such meager contraception for women of childbearing age.

(3) menstruation in early pregnancy is different from the above problem.


Back in early menstruation syndrome differentiation focuses on the day of first appearance and changes in quantity, color and texture, combined with the terms of fitness, facial expressions and stimulus to statements about whether or weakness syndrome of heat. For the treatment of fatigue syndrome, the therapeutic method, either enhance or further heat gastrointestinal or renal strengthening Qi Qi, or compensation. To treat heat syndrome should be the therapeutic method of temperature compensation. For treatment of sthenic-heat, clear therapeutic methods, especially the warmth and coolness, to address fatigue, the heat is the therapeutic method, especially nourishing yin and clearing heat.


The main symptoms: early menstruation, increased the amount, purple, red and sticky, nervous, menstruation, distension of the chest and hypochondria and mental depression, anxiety, tendency to anger, bitter taste in the mouth, throat, urine, dry stools, red tongue with yellow fur, and tachycardia.

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