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Rehabilitation of acute nephritis

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 01,2009, 5:52:25 PM
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Acute nephritis natural healing rate of 90%. For begging this link has not been able to block the onset of effective drugs, it is particularly important rehabilitation measures. To protect and support the body's resistance to diseases, to eliminate the negative factors, to prevent the disease into a persistent or chronic nephritis, it is important treatment.

(1) Eli Most acute nephritis occurred in a family group B hemolytic hammer after infection, and therefore would still remain in the body of the prodromal infection, such as angina, tonsillitis, pus herpes sores, sinusitis, otitis media and so on, should be actively treated. Usually treated with penicillin for 14 days. Bearing in mind the warm, good mouth, skin cleansing, elimination of infection in the body remaining in the lesion.

(2) In the acute phase of hematuria, edema, high blood pressure symptoms of the more obvious, shall be ordered to stay in bed 4 - 6 weeks, when the symptoms improved, urine protein less than 1 g / day, reduce the number of red blood cells in urine to 1 million / hour below, you can get out of bed in the indoor activities. After the event, such as hematuria, proteinuria, no increase or continue to improve, then after 1 - 2 weeks, can go to outdoor activities, and even do some light work or a half-day pilot study and work. Periodic review, if the urine was found to change the emphasis, should be re-bed rest.

(3) Should eat nutritious, digestible, vitamin-rich food such as milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Protein intake, should determine the root condition. In the early stages, such as oliguria, with nitrogen retention by the quality, protein intake should be restricted only to give high-quality protein, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, etc. 20-30 grams per day in order to alleviate the burden of renal excretion of nitrogen quality. When the condition improves, the protein can be gradually increased to 1 gram per kg body weight per day. Carbohydrate and fat is generally not limited, to ensure energy supply, in growing children, is particularly important. Edema, oliguria are serious, such decisions should be based on urine output into the water, the daily volume for the previous day plus a 500 ml. There is edema and hypertension, to strictly limit salt. In acute nephritis, after all the symptoms disappeared, the daily amount of 1-3 grams of salt.

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