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Adult Acne: Effective Treatment Available

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 23,2009, 5:04:08 PM
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Adult Acne: Effective Treatment Available

While it may seem that nothing is clear in adult acne, the fact is that treatment can be effective. Often, combination therapy (the use of two or more treatments) to help the dermatologist, and requires a little patience.

The following describes the processing that may be effective for adult acne.

Oral medications
Only for adult acne is often associated with hormonal changes, oral medication may be necessary to minimize these fluctuations and control acne. The drugs, which can minimize the hormonal fluctuations women are oral contraceptives, spironolactone, and hormonal therapy. These procedures are not suitable for all women and should never be taken during pregnancy. Hormone therapy is usually reserved for treating women with acne develops around or after menopause. This type of therapy are more likely to be set when acne is accompanied by mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, loss of hair and a decrease in verbal skills.

Oral antibiotics may also be part of a plan of treatment for adult acne can be used to get acne under control. Recent studies show that the adoption of an oral antibiotic and the use of topical retinoids in a few months and then stop the antibiotics can be effective. Topical retinoids often one can sustain performance over time.

If the acne is severe or very resistant to treatment, oral isotretinoin is prescribed in May. In some cases, periodic treatment with the drug may help adults keep skin clear. Patients 50 and 60 years with acne were sporadic successfully treated with oral isotretinoin in low doses.

When oral medications prescribed for acne, it is important that the patient consult a specialist trained in the treatment of acne, as a dermatologist.

Local treatment
Local treatment of acne includes creams, lotions, gels and solutions. Topical treatment that combines benzoyl peroxide and topical antimicrobial such as clindamycin or erythromycin may be effective for adults with mild to moderate acne. Combination with clindamycin topical retinoid may also be effective. These products require a prescription. On-The-Counter product that contains sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur contributes to some adults.

Topical retinoid commonly used for treatment of small bumps under the skin and acne. Some of them are available without a prescription. The most effective requires a prescription. Retinoids are the only drugs to be effective in the fight against microcomedone - defeat of acne.

Although some patients are reluctant to use topical retinoid because of the reputation of irritating to the skin, more recent formulations are available, which cause much less irritation. If you are using retinoids, dermatologists recommend that patients use sunscreen daily before going out. Topical retinoid increases the risk of burns. An additional advantage of using topical retinoids is the ability of the product to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-acne cosmetic. Over-The-acne treatment for women is one of the most dynamic development of skin care. Proven and reliable anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid, finding their way in facial Moisturizers and funds. Although the active ingredients are the same as those available in products specifically for adolescents, products for women are less drying. Many of these products include Anti-Aging ingredients.

While this may seem very promising, the active ingredients approved for over-the-counter products can not effectively control acne adults.

Good Skin Care Essential
When it comes to skin care for their patients with acne, dermatologists generally recommend wash your face with a mild detergent person. Avoid vigorous rubbing as this can cause irritation of the skin and make acne worse. Daily Sun protection is essential, since some medicines against acne increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. It is equally important to use only the skin and hair care products labeled "no comedogenic" or "not acnegenic." First of all, do not pick, squeeze or pop lesions. This leads to the deterioration of acne and scars.

Physical procedures
For the treatment of persistent nodules or sometimes a brush, a dermatologist in May injecting corticosteroids in defeat. This treatment can rapidly reduce pain and reduces swelling and the potential for scarring.

While chemical peels and other physical treatments available at Spa-setting, as claimed, effective treatment of acne, their role in the treatment of adult acne has not been defined.

Benefits help dermatologist
If within a prescription acne treatment and skin care and can not get rid of pimples, do not despair. Seeing a dermatologist can give you peace of mind. Losses can not be acne. Other skin conditions like acne. Dermatologists say. If acne is a problem, other medications may be needed.

Getting acne under control has its advantages. This reduces the risk of scarring. More acne persists, the more likely result in scarring. Taking control of acne may also improve the quality of their lives. Studies show that older people report more negative impact on their quality of life of acne than younger people.

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