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The Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 13,2010, 2:43:44 PM
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As the HIV / AIDS prevention, monitoring and epidemiology (DHAP Se Division) for the prevention of HIV research and monitoring, and develop and implement effective biomedical interventions to reduce the test national leadership and HIV infection in HIV virus in the United States and international disease progression. The purpose of these activities is to guide the development, implementation and evidence-based HIV prevention services by people with HIV infection or risk assessment program. Five branches form DHAP selenium are as follows:


      Epidemiology Branch of the design and conduct epidemiological, behavioral, and in the United States and the international biomedical intervention study to determine the risk factors and mode of transmission of HIV infection, reduce HIV infection and disease progress.

      HIV incidence and case Monitoring Section conducted a national program of monitoring and research, monitoring and characterization of the HIV / AIDS epidemic, its determinants and impact, to guide federal, state public health action, and local levels. This program includes HIV infection and AIDS surveillance in line with national and local health departments to provide research, evaluation Ren Kou Wei Ji Chu's data, and the national, state and local levels, Yu Fang.

      Division behavior and implement scientific and strict clinical monitoring of HIV research and monitoring systems to meet key local, state and national HIV-prevention features for people who are in the risk of HIV infection, or who recently received HIV or AIDS virus-related disease incidence need. The branch also development and demonstration laboratory and prevention technologies, best practices, effectively out of development into public health practice.

      Laboratory support for HIV prevention branch of DHAP objectives as they relate to clinical research, the virus spread, diagnosis, and morbidity and intervention studies, microbicides, vaccines and preventive drugs, and the investigation of other human and animal retroviruses. This laboratory has also developed the HIV testing, quantification, isolation, evolution, animal shaped new ways of monitoring, including drug resistance.

      Quantitative science and management to provide statistical data, prevention of economic and information on HIV / AIDS, science and planning support for the activities within the Division.


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