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Tea gargle against influenza

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 11:53:15 AM
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Medical studies have shown that if the mouth when you pay attention to water temperature, often to the teeth by the sudden cold or heat stimulation at first, not only easily lead to pulp bleeding and cramps, but also directly affect the normal metabolism of the teeth, which took place dental, shortening the teeth life.

In particular, those who suffer from allergies teeth, dental caries, periodontitis, oral ulcers, glossitis, pharyngitis patients, cold or heat stimulation will induce or aggravate disease. The warm water is a benign protective agent, to the mouth, teeth, throat, have protective effects.

Gargle 6-8 times a day, according to surveys, often mouth of the people suffering from periodontitis, dental caries, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases were significantly lower than that there is no such habits. Especially in the autumn and winter season, dry climate and a variety of pathogens free in the air, it is easy to breathe in the mouth, frequent mouth, to clean up the oral hygiene, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention. Dental experts recommend a day, morning and evening brushing, inter alia, should be an interval of 2 hours and rinse mouth, especially after a meal must be mouthwash, 6 ~ 8 times per day is appropriate.

Benefits of tea and gargle mouth more acidic food residues will be corrosion teeth, causing cavities and other dental problems. The tea is alkaline, and acid are in the role, and can kill certain bacteria inhibition. Tea contains fluoride, is an important and indispensable in the dentin material if they can keep a small amount of fluoride immersed teeth organizations, will enhance the tenacity of the teeth and the acid capacity to prevent tooth decay occurs. The study found that the * acs catechins in tea can inhibit the activity of the role of influenza virus, persist in using tea mouthwash to be effective in prevention of influenza.

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