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Symptoms of Back pain

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 06,2010, 8:40:41 PM
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Back pain symptoms:

    * Continuous pain, pain or stiffness around the spine, neck, or hips
    * Sharp pain in the neck, or back, lifting material
    * Chronic lower back pain after sitting or standing for long periods in
    * When back pain intense or "acute", which usually lasts several weeks, such as a brief period a few days
    * Low back pain lasting longer than three months, known as "chronic."
    * Lower back pain may or may not radiation into the leg

When to see a doctor
    * Worsening of pain when coughing or sneezing
    * When your pain or numbness of radiation to one or two legs
    * When you sleep disturbed due to pain
    * When the pain is created through the urine and stool is difficult to
    * Through the pain out of control urination and defecation
    * Fever and chills, with the pain
    * Severe trauma
    * Severe leg weakness
    * Severe abdominal or back pain
    * Unexplained weight loss

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