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Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 29,2010, 7:21:45 PM
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Description of Sinusitis:

      The sinuses are the air filled spaces in the skull between the facial bones.
      There are four main sinuses:
          o Maxillary sinuses
          o Frontal sinuses
          o Ethmoidal and
          o Sphenoidal sinuses

      The sinuses are lined with membranes that secrete antibody-containing mucus, which protects the respiratory passages from the pollutants in the air that we breathe. Normally, sinuses are filled with air, but when they get blocked and filled with fluid, germs (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) can grow and cause an infection.

What is sinusitis ?

      Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. It is usually caused by infection or allergy or other environmental factors.

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