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Health care measures in sex life

Updated: Thursday, Mar 25,2010, 9:40:40 AM
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Measures for health care in sexual life

Moderating sexual intercourse
    The basic viewpoint of TCM life cultivation is "preserving essence and cherishing qi." Sexual overstrain may overburden cerebral cortex, genital gland, and genitals etc. and consume a lot of refined nutritious substances. Genitals in particular are more susceptible to overexcitement and local congestion due to sexual overstrain. If the situation continues long, it will inevitably cause the imbalance between excitement and inhibition. This, in addition to excessive consumption of refined nutritious substances, may give rise to pathological changes of reproductive system or general functional injuries. These injuries are not confined to men, but also involve women.

 Avoiding extreme emotional activities
    Healthy sexual life begins with the requirement of peaceful mind and stable emotions. However, excessive impetuosity is not permissible while fright and nervousness are not even more allowable, because all psychic factors like anxiety, nervousness, fright or excessive excitement may exert bad effects on the psychology and physiology during the sexual intercourse and consume human vigor wastefully. If the situation continues long, it may give rise to disturbances of reproductive functions, even disturbances of general functions.

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