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Headaches and dizziness to be careful of glioma

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 3:43:32 PM
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The incidence of brain tumors in recent years, the upward trend in the world. Nerve glioma is the most common type, often called gliomas, is a central nervous system of primary brain tumors are mostly malignant. At present, the medical profession to its pathogenesis is unclear.

Early symptoms of gliomas was not obvious, usually presents headache, dizziness, are often mistaken for lack of sleep or nervous breakdown. Into the middle and late development of the disease, the patients with epilepsy, paralysis, aphasia, or other disturbance of consciousness. Once the brain has been squeezed into the subdural space or the physical pore skull, can cause brain herniation, the mortality rate of up to more than half. It has not only seriously affect the brain's blood circulation, but also lead to breathing problems, lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide retention, increased brain edema, intracranial pressure to make a higher end, the patient was severely damaged due to brain death.

If you detect the disease in patients with early, and the lower the degree of malignancy of gliomas, can be removed by surgery, the patient survival of up to ten years. If it is found late, and a higher degree of malignancy, then survival may be only a year or two. Glioma treated again after a very high likelihood of relapse, with relapse, the number of the degree of malignancy is also increasing. If the gliomas grow on some special parts, such as the brain stem and so on, it is difficult to cure.


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