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HIV / AIDS prevention strategy

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 13,2010, 2:46:21 PM
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In the past 20 years, the focus of AIDS prevention activities is to help HIV-infected persons has not changed in high-risk behavior to maintain and protect their uninfected. HIV prevention for the Third Decade of the primary power is changing the strategy of new infectious diseases. The move aims to reduce the early diagnosis of HIV infection and increase entry barriers and the diagnosis of HIV infection are high-quality medical care, treatment, prevention and continuous service.

The initiative emphasizes effective public health approach to reduce disease occurrence and spread of new rapid detection technology designed to bring people of interventions, HIV infection do not know their HIV testing in the profit and provide prevention skills to people living with HIV behavioral interventions.

The initiative includes four key strategies:


      To make HIV testing of health care services as part of their daily work

      Medical diagnosis of HIV infection outside the implementation of the new model

      Prevention of HIV infection and their partners, as well as at high risk of HIV infection in the work of the newly infected person
    Further reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV


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