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Female infertility caused by salpingitis

Updated: Thursday, Apr 15,2010, 3:38:04 PM
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Pelvic uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries or the surrounding tissue, including the pelvic peritoneum, inflammation occurs when any one may as pelvic inflammatory disease. Inflammation may be limited to one area, but also several parts of the same time inflammation. Narrow clinical pelvic inflammatory disease refers to salpingitis.

Pelvic inflammatory disease may spread outside the genital inflammation came up, but also by inflammation of adjacent organs or other parts of the body caused by the transmission of infection. Bacteria often menstrual, miscarriage, childbirth, or by reproductive tract of surgical wound into the pelvic cavity caused by inflammation. Divided into acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the former begins abruptly, usually causes significant morbidity if treated promptly, thoroughly and effectively, we would often be cured. When the treatment of acute inflammation can not completely transformed into chronic, but more because of the slow onset and mild not to attract attention, Guer not treated early, persistent to chronic, this type of infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease often resulted in women.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms were bilateral salpingitis, tubal openings over time so that, in particular, is to accept one end of the egg (called umbrella side) part or all of the latch, but also allows the inner tube due to inflammation of mucous membrane adhesion, so tube cavity narrow or closed. In this way, so that the egg, sperm or fertilized egg of the common occurrence of obstacles, leading to infertility. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease may spread to the pelvic peritoneum, uterus and cervix next to the organization, ultimately leading to these organs harden, activities ineffective, especially tubal motility loss of the physical properties of soft, become stiff, distorted and completely blocked the lumen , to the extent not heal.

Why did not had a baby it will get pelvic inflammatory disease or salpingitis? This is partly due to not pay attention to menstrual health, menstrual labor under the paddy field or swimming, a small amount of bacteria continue to invade a long passage of time can cause chronic pelvic inflammatory disease; partly due to other causes, the more common is pelvic tuberculosis lead to endometrial and tubal membrane tuberculosis and fallopian tube obstruction; a minority is due to the disorder of sexual relations, sexually transmitted diseases caused by fallopian tube obstruction caused by salpingitis; very few are married before the long-term suffering, or vaginal inflammation such as trichomonas vaginitis, bacteria can ascending infection to the fallopian tube, causing inflammation of fallopian tubes. Therefore, the girls should pay attention to the genital area clean since childhood, adolescence, when there is more visible lower abdominal pain or dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation or abnormal vaginal leucorrhea should go to hospital, early light of salpingitis or pelvic inflammatory disease are curable.

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