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Easy to stay away from periodontal disease

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 3:45:25 PM
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Gingivitis mainly as follows: red, swollen gums and gums when brushing or bites of fruit bleeding. Many people think that bleeding gums are teeth affected by the trauma, but in fact, healthy gums even if the re-scrub, but also bleeding does not occur. Gingivitis If, after timely and effective treatment, can be well preserved, but if neglected it will develop into periodontal disease.

Gingivitis and periodontal tissues when the vine, resulting in periodontal membrane, alveolar bone of the inflammatory damage, absorption, can lead to loose teeth and even teeth, "fan" shift, "usual broad open-lip" and "snag" . Teeth longer because gums have been shrinking, appear out of bare root longer than normal. Moreover, the gap widened teeth will emerge out of joint, loose, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease the most horrible place, it is often not the one you lose your teeth, but a tooth, or even full-mouth tooth! This is not alarmist, periodontal tooth survival is the soil, if the soil is lost Where the trees grow on it? Although gingivitis, periodontal disease incidence remains high, and the incidence and severity of both increased with age, but really in the early and timely treatment of patients with very few. This vicious cycle continues, it is worrying.

Dental recommends that you 5 good habits

There are many factors leading to periodontal disease, such as the brushing method is not correct, plaque accumulation, calculus generation, food impaction, poor prosthesis stimulation would give rise to chronic inflammation of gums: gum congestion and edema caused by bleeding. The plaque and calculus are also a major factor in causing periodontal disease, tooth dislocation, torsion, smoking and diabetes, pregnancy, long-term use of contraceptives is also the periodontal disease related factors. In fact, 90% of periodontal disease is preventable and treatable, as long as good health habits.

◆ the right way to brush your teeth every day, sooner or later a thorough brushing one times, each time brushing teeth should be 2-3 minutes.

1. Bristles with the tooth surface was 45 degrees diagonal, from the gums to the teeth-side brush, brush on the teeth from top to bottom, the next bottom-up brush teeth, do not brush back and forth up and down. 2. Occlusal tooth brush back and forth.

◆ promptly remove impaction of food debris in the teeth, gargle after the meal as far as possible, the use of dental floss.

◆ with the use of antimicrobial toothpastes to enhance plaque removal effect.

◆ the use of health-care toothbrush, choose the top sanding toothbrush bristles, every 3 months to replace a time.

◆ have regular dental check-ups, preferably every six months and accepted the recommendations of dentists will receive the necessary treatment.

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