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Tuberculosis patients often feel fatigue

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 16,2009, 3:06:38 PM
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TB patients often feel fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, night sweats, dry cough or hemoptysis. Inflammation spread to parietal pleura, the corresponding chest wall will be tingling, severe chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, it will damage respiratory function, and the emergence of progressive dyspnea.

A result, some patients believe that these symptoms and lung cancer are similar whether the cause and the latter equally serious consequences? Some people even think, tuberculosis can damage the lungs, which led directly to lung cancer. In fact, these concerns are unfounded.
Tuberculosis cause cancer do!

Tuberculosis occurred mostly in young people, their clinical symptoms, predilection sites, imaging features and laboratory examination were different from the same lung cancer.

Predilection of tuberculosis in the lung and lower lobe posterior tip of the back section of chest radiography and chest CT showed signs of pulmonary lesions with drainage bronchus, surrounded by satellite lesions, some patients, there may be calcification, but the rare mediastinal lymph nodes. Laboratory examination ESR fast, tuberculin test positive, blood tumor marker examination negative. Commonly used anti-TB drugs, it will get better effect.

While lung cancer is the elderly are more, in addition to irritant dry cough, sputum with blood, there is no specific tuberculosis are fatigue, night sweats and other symptoms. It is better made in the preceding paragraph on the lungs, chest radiography and chest CT showed pulmonary lesions are burr, sub-leaves. Middle and late, then the manifestations of hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes. Generally rely on PET, PET-CT, the blood tumor markers, we can help diagnose.

However, the clinic does have a special type of lung cancer and tuberculosis, which is often said that the "scar cancer", mostly for lung cancer. In fact, lung cancer in elderly patients with concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis are more prevalent in the diagnosis and treatment should be vigilant.

It is worth mentioning is that some patients with lung cancer complicated with tuberculosis is suffering from TB due to the previous, especially the lymphatic system, prevents calcification of lymph nodes along the lymphatic metastasis of lung cancer, clinical treatment and prognosis of hand, more unsatisfactory.

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