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Orchitis knowledge

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 11,2009, 1:46:40 PM
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Acute orchitis often for blood-borne infections through infection or through the lymphatic is made with a variety of acute infectious disease associated with. If suffering from mumps, the virus can be discharged with the urine caused by acute orchitis.

[Clinical manifestations]

Acute, swollen testicle pain, scrotum, redness and swelling, no urinary tract symptoms. Temperature can reach 40 ℃.


1. Signs: There are mumps or other manifestations of acute infectious diseases. One or both testicles swelling, obviously tenderness. Ill-defined and epididymis. Sometimes secondary acute hydrocele.

2. Laboratory examination: white blood cell counts increased, normal or occasional protein in normal urine, or microscopic hematuria. Mumps on renal function have some damage, urine can be very special virus check.

3. According to the clinical manifestations and signs, laboratory tests can confirm the diagnosis. However, the clinical need to identify patients with acute epididymitis phase. Early stage of acute orchitis can make epididymis inflammation, but the latter is ill-defined and epididymitis. Urethral discharge, pyuria, there is no systemic infectious diseases, can help diagnose.


(1) General treatment: bed rest, local hot compress, and elevate the scrotum and so on.

(2) antibiotics ineffective against viral orchitis requires the use of TCM syndrome differentiation. Oral fluoride Amtolmetin acid, each 0.2g, 3 times a day; or Tarivid, each 0.2g, 2 times a day, qd 5-7. Intravenous penicillin 6.4 million u / day divided into morning and evening 2 times bit by bit, used in conjunction 3 ~ 5 days. Those who are allergic to penicillin can be used lactic acid ring gatifloxacin intravenous injection, adult per 200mg, every 12 hours one time, 3-5 day course of treatment. Can also be intramuscular gentamicin, each 80000 u, 2 times a day, 3-5 day course of treatment.

[Prevention and nursed back to health]

1. Bed rest, proper drink boiled water, to stimulate the bogey spicy greasy food.

2. To prohibit sex life.

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