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Men practicing yoga may get more benefits

Updated: Thursday, Oct 29,2009, 3:42:58 PM
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Attend yoga people have such a feeling: nervous completely relaxed, the pressure can be released, the external and inner constantly change and grow. So, yoga is good for everyone. However, regardless of the size of the current domestic yoga studio or fitness club, yoga courses, rarely see a male figure, almost 99% are female friend. Misunderstanding of yoga for many men hesitate, but in fact, yoga is not a women's specific, the same men, the benefits of practicing yoga are many.



Yoga is a method of any person's fitness

Yoga is suitable for both men and women to practice as a natural and a balanced fitness regimen law. For the men, yoga is a very good decompression method can help change the impetuous character, improve self-control ability to amend the bad habits; the same time, male sexual dysfunction have a certain role in the prevention and treatment. If the surface of the flexible yoga confused by that, for many men, is undoubtedly a loss.

The modern pace of life getting faster, work pressure is also great. If you can not relax this time, it will trigger a series of psychological and physical disease, such as those who work often pour over prone to cardiovascular disease, cervical spondylosis, low back pain and other problems are common, and not just appear in the female body . In addition, many people, especially men, after a period of psychological depression prefer to use violent means of release, so although momentary gratification, but can not completely solve the problem.

The body organs of the brain is the most important one in the brain fatigue, a lot of features will be affected. Mediator of neural mental state include sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, work during the day at work is mainly sympathetic to cope with various situations; to sleep at night when the parasympathetic nerves allow people to sleep. However, if the person has been in a infatuated state of life of the law and normal out of step, it will form a vicious circle. The advantage is that a lot of yoga can help calm the brain waves return to the state to maximize the promotion of the role of the parasympathetic nervous, back to the energetic state.



Men practicing yoga may get more benefits

Men practicing yoga first thing is to get rid of it is a misconception about the women's movement, yoga seems more ease movement speed, and the pace slower, the relatively high requirements for flexibility, but in fact more emphasis on the Yoga breathing methods and to the body into a calm state of know-how. Flexibility of men there were no women at all, so at the beginning, when entry is not quick, but as the practice of in-depth will be found that due to the increase in physical toughness, men get the benefits from yoga may be more, their strength will become better, more peaceful state of mind.

Most women practicing yoga in order to maintain or obtain more perfect body, coupled with action on whether to make their own beautiful and cares very much, while the male beauty of the action is not very focused, but could better understand the true meaning of yoga.

Yoga in the primary stage of flexibility is very important, but the more difficult moves to when the power requirements of the higher number of women in terms of movement is almost impossible task, so the Indian yoga masters and Western House There are many yoga practitioners are men.

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