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What is the benign ovarian cysts in Common?

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 03,2010, 6:04:38 PM
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The Common benign ovarian serous tumor is Cystadenoma, mucinous cystadenoma and benign cystic teratoma.

Paper is also called benign cystic teratoma-like cysts, accounting for all primary ovarian tumors by 15% occur in women of child-bearing age. Dermoid cysts in the bone, teeth, X-ray film can be shown on.

Mucinous cystadenoma occurred in 30-50 year-old female, accounting for 15% of the benign -20%, more unilateral, more room, filled with capsules of the sticky jelly-like material. Mucinous cystadenoma can grow into a tumor the size of a maximum, if the breakdown of the wall, the capsule contents into the abdominal cavity of the logistics can be planted on the peritoneum, the formation of peritoneal myxoma occurred is difficult to get rid of adhesion.

Serous cystadenoma occurred in 30-40 year-old female, benign ovarian tumors account for about 23%; for more than a single cavity, cystic, including grass thin yellow or brown liquid.

Benign ovarian tumors grow slowly, early tumors are small, silent, only to do physical or gynecological examination, when B-ultrasound can be found for the performance of the lower abdomen appears painless tumor or mass.

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