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What are the clinical manifestation of Uterus developmental anomaly

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 2:43:45 PM
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The clinical manifestation of Uterus developmental anomaly: some of patients with uterine abnormalities can be no symptoms, menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth and so on are no abnormal performance, as well as non-life was found, or even when a medical examination by Found. However, some part of the reproductive system function in patients with varying degrees by the impact of sexual maturity, marriage or pregnancy, birth, as a result of symptoms was found.

Abnormal menstruation: congenital absence of uterus or womb primordial patients with amenorrhea. Uterine-naive patients with amenorrhea may also have been on a small, delayed, the dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and other performance; double uterus, double uterus often occur in patients with excessive menstrual and menstrual duration of the extension.

Pathological pregnancy: abnormal development of the uterus in later pregnancy are often caused by abortion, premature birth or abnormal fetal position. Even during pregnancy can occur spontaneously rupture of the uterus. Rudimentary horn of the uterus, such as tubal patency, it can Yunluan implantation in the uterus disabled machines, but because of their uterus myometrium dysplasia, often in the breakdown of pregnancy, with symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

Infertility: absence of uterus, the primordial womb, uterus, and so childish type of uterine dysplasia, one of the main reasons for infertility.
Intrapartum puerperal pathology: the development of abnormal uterine myometrium often co-exist dysplasia. Labor productivity may be due to abnormal cervical expansion difficulties caused by the rupture of the uterus or birth. Vaginal birth the placenta may stay, postpartum hemorrhage, or post-natal infection. Two-uterine pregnancy in patients, pregnant uterus of a growing, non-Pregnancy of the uterus, such as the uterus is located in the rectum Waterloo, childbirth can cause obstructive dystocia.

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