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Vaginal Warts of Symptoms

Updated: Sunday, Sep 27,2009, 12:34:32 PM
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Warts that appear on the bay, and genital warts caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) and is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases. Not all women with symptoms of genital warts, and the same virus that causes warts can also cause genital warts in the entire region, anus and mouth. According to the Mayo Clinic and the Women's Health Information Center National, vaginal symptoms of genital warts include itching and bleeding.

Cancer:Vaginal warts can cause cancer of your vagina and cervix, and regular screening tests such as a Pap smear done by your gynecologist can detect this condition.

Itching: You may experience itching in the genital area and inside the vagina as a result of their genital warts. Using vaginal irritation: irritation at bay, in an effort to tampons, spermicide's or diaphragm may result from infection with genital warts.

Edema: Swelling of the genital area and in your vagina and cervix symptoms of genital warts is that they also seem to color, pink, yellow or gray.

Difficulty urinating: warts can develop inside the vagina near the opening of the urethra and cause painful urination or difficulty urinating authority.

Bleeding: You may notice bleeding after intercourse, which can be abrasive or injured by vaginal warts.

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