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Tobacco lead to infertility

Updated: Saturday, Oct 31,2009, 5:46:04 PM
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The health hazards of smoking is well known, however, the impact of smoking on fertility are a lot of people do not know. Studies have shown that smoking can cause infertility, will lead to flow induced abortion, can lead to health problems and even fetal malformations. In short, the hazards of smoking on fertility huge, young couples want to have children, if there is smoking habit, or as soon as possible to kick better.

Breakdown of the damage of smoking on fertility seven deadly sins

Smoking and Fertility Delay

Integrated some of the more comprehensive information regarding the smoking and female fertility synthesis of large amounts of data that: smoking harm women's fertility. Compared with non-smoking women, smoking women, higher incidence of infertility, low fertility, pregnancy, the time delay. Active smokers up to 6 months and 12 months during the study period were not pregnant, pregnant time delay increases with the number of cigarettes smoked per day and extended. Pregnancy smoking group delayed for more than 12 months, the number of higher than non-smokers 54%. Spouses of any party to active smoking would adversely affect the reproductive function in a separate group of the damage passive smoking is only slightly lower than that of any party to active smoking group.

Smoking will lead to follicle loss

Non-smoking women, menopause earlier than non-smoking women, 1-4 years, and dose-dependent manner, indicating that smoking will be accelerated follicle depletion. The chemical composition of tobacco smoke can accelerate follicle depletion, and even denying women their fertility.

Smoking-induced gene mutations

Gamete formation and development are susceptible to tobacco damage. Tobacco smoke can damage human reproductive cells, chromosomes and DNA. Pregnant women, smoking increases the risk of trisomy 21 offspring because of maternal meiosis (the chromosome) is not separated from the toxicity of tobacco smoke in the oxygen free radicals (ORS) to facilitate the formation of DNA complexes and thus induce mutations. Smoking damages the DNA damage is to understand the basis of reproductive function, such as increased abortion, to accelerate the emergence of menopause and reduce fertility.

Smoking will lead to abortion

Smoking will increase the cycle of natural and assisted pregnancy rates of spontaneous abortion. Mechanism of smoking-induced abortion is not yet fully understood. It has been reported that the product of the organization and the effects of smoking on pregnancy affect chromosomes. In addition, the material components of tobacco smoke such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide in blood vessel contraction and anti-metabolic characteristics may lead to placental dysfunction, embryonic or fetal growth retardation and death.

Mother of smoking on male offspring will have an impact

Male offspring of smoking mothers may affect sperm count, mothers smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, his son sperm density less than the mother's non-smoking men.

Of smoking on the outcome of assisted reproductive technology has serious implications

Smoking is almost two times the needs of women in non-smoking women, the number of IVF cycles in order to successful pregnancy. Compared with non-smokers, smokers needed to stimulate the ovaries Gn quantity, E2 peak is low, given a small number of eggs, the cycle cancellation number, planting rate is low, fertilization failure cycles more. Smoking and age may speed up the depletion of eggs have synergistic effect. The mechanism may affect the egg quality is the follicular fluid from tobacco toxins. A lifetime of smoking pregnant women, the risk of failure of their ART will increase two fold.

Smoking damages male fertility

Smoking, including passive smoking have an impact on a variety of semen parameters. Of smoking on sperm density, vitality, and possible morphological damage have been reported. For the history of infertility, repeated miscarriages, and markedly abnormal sperm parameters couple the two sides should stop smoking. Research shows that smoking on reproductive function and fertility of the damage can be resumed within one year after quitting smoking, so smoking will become an important and effective means of treatment of infertility.

Smoking is the natural enemy of the sperm

Many men from youth smoking since the days of develop bad habits, over time, become a die-hard "smokers." Little do they know that habit can cause lifelong infertility.

First of all, smoking will damage the male sexual function, causing male infertility. Smoking is causing damage to arteries of men, in particular atherosclerosis of the common risk factors. Atherosclerosis, the penile blood pressure index decreased significantly, blood type significantly reduced, and induce impotence.

Secondly, smoking can directly damage gonads and sperm. Sperm dependence gonads, mainly testicular function; the same time, the generation of sperm cells showed rapid proliferation and cell differentiation, maturation, this process requires a lot of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and proteins, while the cigarette smoke concentrates containing cells induced distortion and obstruction lymphocyte DNA synthesis of the material, which in spermatogenesis, mature, and the proportion of abnormal sperm have a significant impact.

Some people have analyzed more than 5,000 pregnant women found their husbands smoke 10 cigarettes per day or more, fetal prenatal mortality significantly increased; smoking more, the mortality rate increased. Husband's smoking women, the proportion of children with birth defects than their husbands do not smoke around 2.5 times higher.

Harmful effects of smoking women is even greater, and the United States to a new scientific study, women who smoke will face the risk of the risk of infertility and premature menopause. Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital research department said in a report that women smoke inhalation when a toxin that causes ovarian failure can be greatly shortened the period of their fertility.

The researchers such toxic --- polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons injected into the female body, there have been a series of chemical reactions, eventually leading to death of female eggs in vivo. Study confirms that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the impact of female as long as 6 years. In confirmation of this toxin on the female egg produced by the reaction, the scientists implanted human ovarian tissue of female skin. A result, inside the eggs injected with the toxin in the three days after death.

The study found that this toxin is attached to the uterus the egg cell surface receptors, such a chemical reaction triggered adhesion caused the death egg. And that the toxic damage caused by a gradual and can not be detected immediately, ovaries will continue to operate the destructive effects of toxins will continue for some time, eventually the formation of unexpected consequences.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons has also appeared in the burning of coal and coke have been Charcoal-Broiled meat on. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have also been used to produce tar, pharmaceuticals, plastics and dyes.

Therefore, if you have a long experience of smoking, but also wanted to give birth to a healthy baby's prospective father or mother. Please hurry to quit cigarettes. As soon as possible to the relevant specialist hospital to be a check.

Smoking Men's 6-fold higher chance of infertility

Scientific research and clinical data show that: long-term smoking and smoking over 20 cigarettes a day, more than most people's sperm activity rate (force) of less than 50%, activity has decreased significantly. The alcohol and tobacco evil persons, a decline in sperm quality becomes more apparent.

National University of Singapore, a medical research team of reproductive capacity of normal and infertile men's semen sample, analysis, come to a conclusion --- Smoking reduces sperm count, under which individual sperm weakening. Researchers will have normal reproductive capacity of 240 men and 218 infertile men whose sperm samples were compared and found below-average number of sperm smoking men than non-smoking men, 6 times higher chance of infertility. They found that smoking a normal sperm count men, sperm count than non-smoking men of similar opportunities for infertility high 16%. In other words, smokers if you want to have children, a normal sperm count alone is not enough.

According to Canadian researchers found that men who smoke not only the sperm quality than non-smoking men, but also significantly reduced sex drive. They involved 290 pairs of couples in a questionnaire study, asked the couples surveyed replied smoking habits, marital history and sex life, including the number of sexual life and satisfaction. The survey all of the women do not smoke. However, one of 158 pairs of couples, men smoke at least 30 a day, for up to 7 years. The results showed that: the number of smokers sex life a monthly average of seven times; rather than the smokers a monthly average of 11.6 times. And non-smoking couple's sex life satisfaction were significantly higher than non-smoking couple. If we completely satisfied with sex life as the highest score 10 points, then a score of 8.7 points of non-smokers, smokers have a score of 5.2 points.

In addition semen analysis results show that: the number of sperm, energy and life, smokers and non-smokers compared to the former reduced sperm count, vitality weakened, but also affected the extent of smoking in direct proportion to the number of years.

There are many harmful substances in tobacco, including nicotine toxicity YOU Qiang, in a content of cigarettes is about 1 mg. Nicotine can inhibit hormone secretion and the role of anti-sperm. In a large number of smokers, smoke concentration or urine extracts containing cells induced distortion and inhibit DNA synthesis of lymphocytes in the material, so that testis seminiferous epithelium of being poisoned, resulting in reduced semen quality. Of harmful substances in tobacco, but also by inhibiting the secretion of testosterone and injury such as the role of penile arteries that can lead to erectile dysfunction, resulting in reduced ability to have sexual intercourse, or even the penis can not erect. At the same time the tobacco toxins can block the sperm and egg combination, significantly reduce a woman's chances of conceiving.

Smoking can also form a range of local high concentrations of air pollution, so that his wife and family suction "passive smoking" not only affect their fertility, and the survey shows a serious incidence of congenital malformation of babies will be with the father, the increase in cigarette smoking increase. In view of the above-mentioned a number of hazards of smoking, so please quit smoking as soon as possible jun! Particularly infertility and even more so.

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