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Menorrhagia guard against uterine fibroids

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 24,2009, 5:50:16 PM
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Uterine fibroids due to the number, location, size and degeneration of the situation would come up with different symptoms, but the majority of patients and asymptomatic. Most women who have uterine fibroids may not be aware of their long there are fibroids within the uterus, many people wait until after pregnancy check-ups or fibroids can grow to touch from the stomach and only when to the hospital for treatment. Some may suffer from menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea and other phenomena, if the fibroids too, oppression to the bladder, ureter, may cause frequent urination, voiding dysfunction, or hydronephrosis, oppression into the rectum, can cause bowel problems; uterine muscle tumors may also cause infertility. The current method of treatment of uterine fibroids There are many, there is the best sex life of women for six months or a year do a gynecological examination.

After that they are suffering from uterine fibroids of women, to prevent the two tendencies, one is mental stress, spook the four sought medical treatment, credulous remedies; and another careless, refusing medication, the results of severe anemia, inability to work , and even the rapid increase in uterine fibroids, fibroids malignant failed to timely diagnosis and treatment.

Physiological period

After menstruation, often men and women after several days of patience, after menstruation is also often increased the frequency of sexual activity during physiological needs.

At this time, women tend to have a liberating feeling, very willing to fill the missing sex back, and this time is not easy to conceive the same time, such a situation, the two sides is very easy to reach sexual climax, is a relatively good time.

However, to note that, if not completely clean, or menstrual periods tend to come back a little after the women, should pay special attention to prevent infection. This time, the uterus has just been repaired, the same needs care, the action should not be too large, not excessive force.

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