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Breast benign tumor

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 4:28:44 PM
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(1) breast fibrous tumor: breast fibroma is most common benign tumor of young women, mostly pain-free nature of mass, more by accident; initially small, but growing rapidly, up to 3cm during slow or stop the growth of growth; were round or oval, border clear, better-eminence, were less flat surface, not very smooth, fine touch of the small nodules, some showing a lobulated, moderately hard, multi-No tenderness are free to promote.

Breast fibroid surgery good results. But the breast fibroids may recur, a surgery, you can make other parts of breast recurrence. If continuous newborn breast fibroma, while difficult to sustain operations, while patients often refuse surgery. At this point can be a trial of androgen therapy, menstruation began 1 week after the cessation of oral testosterone to an end before the beginning of the next menstruation, daily low-dose, total no more than 100mg is appropriate. During treatment in order not to the degree of menstrual cycle disturbances.

      (2), cystic hyperplasia of breast: breast cystic hyperplasia refers to the duct or acinar epithelial hyperplasia and proliferation of duct epithelial Department expansion or the formation of cysts. The disease predilection in the 40-year-old before and after the women, but young women and the elderly woman was also suffering from varying duration from symptom onset to treatment, the shortest were only a few days, the longest more than a decade. Tumor is the main symptoms of the disease, may have 4 different performance:

    A single mass: large cysts, mostly caused by the boundary clear, be free to promote, often can be identified as a cyst. Unless the cyst contents are too many great tension, or mass dark places is mistaken for solid. Capsule contents more clear, and such infections are complicated by the content of turbidity. If the adhesions caused by the surrounding tissue near the nipple can nipple retraction time.

    Most of mass: It is caused by multiple cysts, palpation of multiple cystic nodules, can affect the whole milk.

    Sections of breast nodules: This knot Duocheng triangle, bottom edge in the breast, cutting-edge point to the nipple.

    Nipple discharge (bloody or serous): breast-screening had no significant positive findings, but the push in some parts of the breast around the area (equivalent to a mammary gland adeno-leaf or a few leaves), can cause one or more duct duct discharge.

    Breast disease is more than the pain was not significant, in order to blunt pain, or Citeng, when the milk ducts begin to expand when accompanied by pain.

    Use of traditional Chinese medicine Shugan Qi, phlegm meridians, promoting blood circulation and Western hormone therapy ineffective, the resectability and make a pathological examination. Removal of the principle of the removal of lesion area, such as the wide range of discretion to the whole breast lesion excision; if post-operative pathological examination revealed the cancer, then of additional radical mastectomy.

       (3) large duct papilloma breast: breast duct papilloma is the largest since the catheter open until the ampulla of about 1cm below the section of duct papilloma occurred. A single hair-based, multi-mover rare. Clinical breast examination can be manifested as nipple discharge, pain and touch the tumor three cases, nipple discharge smear cytology, showing that red blood cells and epithelial cells, tumor cells are sometimes seen, but often can not determine benign or malignant.

    With nipple discharge as the only major clinical manifestation of breast duct papilloma, treatment principles are as follows: ① simply a conduit discharge may be the point of local excision, if the press led to a certain section of the discharge, workable sections removed. ② multiple duct discharge, the elderly are a viable mastectomy, the young are advised to line segment resection. ③ resection specimens were pathological examination, Finally, according to pathological examination, and then decide whether to supplement plus other treatments.

    Papilloma the following clinical manifestations, treatment is as follows: ① there is bleeding, viable large duct excision. ② beside areola small nodules, the nodules can be removed. ③ Central obvious cystic breast mass, particularly in larger tumors, where the clinical diagnosis is unknown, middle-aged women, the appropriate line of mastectomy, if the tumor is smaller, then the local resection can be.

   Large catheter Papillomas are very rare and should not be regarded as precancerous lesions. Large duct papilloma recurrence after local excision for small, so use of mastectomy for the treatment to be carefully chosen.


Lipoma is the most common benign tumor of the body surface, can occur in a fat tissue in any structure, but the most common body surface, and breast. Occurred mostly in the more obese female patients, age of onset of 30 to 50 years old more common.

Mainly as a single, round or lobulated soft mass, the boundary clear, slow-growing and rarely malignant transformation.

Treatment to surgical excision. However, surgery should be thoroughly, if residue, will inevitably lead to relapse. Removal of pathological examination should be sent to the organization in order to avoid misdiagnosis associated with other tumors.

Breast leiomyoma

Leiomyoma of the most common predilection sites are the uterus, breast smooth muscle tumors are extremely rare.

Leiomyoma of the breast can be classified by source:

Superficial smooth muscle tumors from the breast skin, in particular, within the areola area dermal leiomyoma. Areola district showed a slight uplift of small tumors are hard, clear borders, growth is slow, no discomfort.

Vascular smooth muscle tumor, derived from the mammary gland itself, the vessel wall smooth muscle. Often in deeper parts of palpable breast lumps, the more superficial smooth muscle tumors of large, slow-growing, border Naokiyo, no discomfort.

Surgery is the only method of treatment.

Breast hamartoma

Extremely rare. Clinically difficult to diagnose. Manifested mainly encapsulated within the breast mass, activity little, slow growth, no discomfort. More common in young adult women in the future. Surgical resection is the only method of treatment.

Other soft tissue tumors

Soft fibroma: also known as skin tag or fibroepithelial papilloma or fibrous lipoma. Mostly occurs in the papillary tumor surface and surrounding skin are basically the same, there is a pedicle connected with the skin texture soft. Skin tag larger and those who impede the appearance, from the pedicle, including some normal tissue removal.

Neurofibromatosis:'ll always be a part of the body fibromatosis from the nipple, areola area grown in groups or with a light brown pigment from a soft drape-like mass, no discomfort. Often scattered in a similar body surface by the tumor and pigmentation spots. Generally does not require surgery, huge, ulceration, can impede the appearance of the individual removed.

Other more rare, benign vascular tumors, nerve sheath tumors, granular cell tumor and so on.

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