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eye for Using long time, one should reinforce liver

Updated: Thursday, Jun 25,2009, 5:07:20 PM
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First, one should nurse one’s health with diet, eating some Chinese chive to invigorate yang. Chinese chive can reinforce spleen of body and qi of stomach. In additions, onion and garlic are also better foods for invigorate yang. The nature of dates are sweet flavor, it can nourish the liver and invigorate the spleen. Some another foods also have sweet flavor nature, it can nourish the liver and improve eyesight.  We recommend two kinds of porridges for one who have long time sit at computer.If one takes nutritions foods on a suitable time such as white fungus gourd, it can moisten lung and promote the production of body fluid, tonify yin and nourish the liver. Meanwhile, one should eat less acid flavor foods and eat many sweet flavor foods, they can nourish two viscera, liver and spleen, and also better for preventing diseases and health-care.

Pork liver and lentil gruel: 100 grams fresh pork liver, 60 grams mung bean, 100 grams rice, sufficient quantum of salt and gourment power. Wash mung bean and rice, cook it until boiled, turn on lower fire until this porridge have 80% ripe, put pork liver and some flavoring into it. This porridge has function of reinforce liver and nourish blood, removing heat to brighten vision, face beauty and nourish skin, let one’s face glowing with health, especially for one who has wax yellow face, visual deterioration and vague vision.

Medlar porridge: 30 grams medlar, 60 grams rice. First, rice should be cooked half ripe, put some medlar into it, until it ripe one can eat it. It is better for one who frequently suffers dizziness and eye tired, tinnitus and emissions and sour lumbar. One who suffers hepatitis should take medlar porridge, it has function of prevent and protect liver, stimulate cell regeneration.

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